Eco-friendly Holi for Navi Mumbaikar’s

Holi is the festival all about colors. The concept of water came in with more of fun and enjoyment. But the city housing societies are very cautious about saving ample of water which is wasted in the holi celebrations.

Holi too has become ruthlessly commercialized, boisterous and yet another source of environmental degradation. To de-pollute Holi and make it in sync with nature, as it is supposed to be, several social and environmental groups are proposing a return to more natural ways of celebrating Holi. Water is the most important necessity and we don’t want it to be wasted in such celebrations said the city residents.

Many housing societies in Navi Mumbai are trying their best to avoid wastage of water and use eco-friendly colors.

Stated Harsh Patel, Resident of Juhu Goan Vashi, “Celebrating an eco-friendly Holi allows you to enjoy each and every moment just like a normal Holi celebration. An eco-friendly celebration gives you full freedom to have unlimited fun as well pleasure of protecting nature. Such celebration also allows you to save money on harmful colors and other irrelevant products.”

He added, “Prefer preparing eco-friendly natural colors at home; haldi concoction for yellow, beetroot concoction for red, and methi or neem concoction for green. Organic colors are now easily available in the market”

The residents of Kalash Udhyan in Koparkhairne too are encouraging no wastage of water and usage of eco-friendly colors. Stated Sindhu Nair, Committee member, “We are celebrating eco-friendly holi in our society. We completely avoid old paste, permanent colors and use light homemade colors. Actually a lot of peple are unaware of the importance of eco-friendly celebrations. The government should promote it and ban the selling of harmful colors in the market”

Enjoy the festival of colors and indulge in the spirit of Holi in eco-friendly ways. This preserves the very essence of the festivals and spreads the message of peace and brotherhood.

Wish you a very Happy Holi From Navi Mumbai Post and its team!!!

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