Dengue spreading rapidly in Belapur.

Dengue is  rapidly spreading its wings in Navi Mumbai.Earlier cases of dengue were reported only in places               like Kharghar.But now Dengue  has seen sharp rise and its spreading its wings in places like Belapur,Kopar Khairane,Vashi,Nerul.Hundreds of suspected Dengue cases have been reported from all these places.                       Local residents are blaming government bodies of not doing much.

Meanwhile many doctors and health experts have suggested residents to follow basic guidelines in order to       prevent dengue.Residents should make sure no waste water is stagnated in Buckets,drums and other containers.Steps should be taken to remove such water as it can lead to breeding of dengue mosquito.

NMMC Health officials have been visiting many residential societies and  informing them ways that can be         helpful in preventing dengue from spreading  in housing societies.



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