Udta Punjab-One of best films made on drug menace

Film ReviewUdta Punjab-One of best films on drug menance

Udta Punjab is one of best films of made on drug problem.The film basically has four main characters all dealing with same issue of Drugs addiction. Film first character is Tommy singh       aka Gabbru a famous punjabi Rock star who is also major drug addict. Alot of punjab  youth     follows Tommy singh lifestyle and music and hence they blindly follow him become drugs addict   like Tommy singh.


Film second Character is of Diljit Dosanjh who is a Police inspector in Punjab Police.He             carries on with happy life until one day when his own brother goes in coma due to alleged             drugs overdose.


Film third character is of Alia bhatt who plays a bihari immigrant to punjab in search of livelihood.She is also district level Hockey player from bihar.She works in farms of Punjab where there is major drugs trading.


Fourth character of film is of Kareena kapoor who plays a doctor.She is fighting alone  against   drugs menance of punjab.How these characters gets involved with drugs problems and comes out    of it makes the story of Udta Punjab.






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