The healing touch: A Beautiful Butterfly Garden opens at the National Burns Centre premises, Airoli

An extraordinary step to ensure a therapeutic recovery of patients of
the National Burns Centre is this beautiful Butterfly Garden. It is a
beautiful step to help the patients heal naturally. The butterfly garden
was inaugurated by pediatrician Dr. Ulhas Kolhatkar and supported by
India’s butterfly man Issac Kehimkar of the Bombay Natural History
Society (BNHS).
This newly opened garden boasts of over 37 different butterfly species
flying around already. Butterflies were attracted by planting hundreds
of 25 different species of trees and plants. This delightfully created
butterfly garden aims to provide solace to the visitors and nature
lovers. It is specifically designed in the NBC premises so as to help in
the healing of the patients arriving for treatment at the centre.
The garden is also open for outside visitors who wish to witness
multiple pretty little butterflies flapping their wings around them
joyfully! The National Burns Centre is open to collaborate with
academic, industrial and start-up institutions and create awareness
about it. NBC will also host school, college and even corporate trips in
the near future. Reports also suggest that, every visitor of the
butterfly garden will also be rendered the opportunity to visit the
state of the art Skin Bank and learn about Skin donation.
The initiative is indeed a noble one and we as humans, often obtain
peace being one with the nature. The patients and their relatives also
require mental and psychological healing along with the physical
treatment. As, the mindset of the burn sufferer is terribly disturbed,
along with the physical pain and discomfort they are undergoing. To the
extent that one cannot even imagine. This striking butterfly garden will
act as an escape from their current instances, for at least some time,
for many of the weary souls!

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