TEDx stirs young minds in Navi Mumbai college

Last weekend, Navi Mumbai witnessed its first ever TEDx event at SIES Graduate School of Technology, Nerul (SIES-GST).  8 speakers from backgrounds as diverse as Interpol to past life regression therapy to start-ups made for a sensational day. With about 100 attendees and a couple of sponsors, the event was smoothly managed by students of SIES Engineering college (GST).

So what started off as an idea in the previous academic year translated into a real successful event on January 21, 2017. “The first time we tried getting a license to conduct a TEDx in our campus we weren’t successful but that didn’t stop us from trying again this year”, says spiritedly Ridima Ramesh who was the marketing head for the event. What is refreshing about the event is that students dared to look beyond regular college festival for an annual event. The attendees were mostly youngsters from Navi Mumbai among students from other colleges of the city. Schedule was strictly adhered to, with every speaker not going beyond time limit which was followed by a very active Q & A session. TED is reputed to bring out the best ideas to the masses and attending such events in person is another level of motivation altogether.

Credit goes to the organizers whose consistent efforts to meet quality standards of TEDx ensured an enthralling day for each and every attendee. Jignesh Jadhav, a student from Pillai’s Engineering college follows TED talks on YouTube regularly for his dose of innovation and motivation. He says, “I never thought I would get an opportunity to attend a TEDx event and listen to innovative ideas and stories from 8 different speakers in a single day.” It’s not just the attendees who were so excited but the speakers as well. Over the years, TED has grown to be an inspiring platform for anyone looking for a perspective on a wide range of ideas and issues.

Attendees enjoyed the pleasure of getting clicked in their TEDx T-shirts, badges by the event’s entertainment partners. Delicious arrangement for food and beverages throughout the day as Chef’s Basket was roped in at the last moment. Co-organizer Abhishek Iyer says, “The experience of putting together a show like this was not short of problems and conflicts but it was definitely worth it!”

We are convinced that the students of SIES-GST have touched many young minds and helped them in their endeavor to excel through this wonderful event.

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