Mr. Patrick Blanc on Vertical Gardens and the Brand New Architecture Styles

1. Is there a way to transform the already existing buildings/constructions? How do you plan to apply new styles of architecture in old districts?

My vertical Gardens can easily be installed on existing buildings. I did it several time, for instance for Athenaeum Hotel in London ( and for Rue d’Alsace (, and Oasis d’ Aboukir ( in Paris. Situation “before” and “after” can be seen for these two projects

My Vertical Gardens are a very effective and money-saving ways to turn decaying boring walls into nice areas looking like a piece of nature right into the urban environment.

2. Can a Vertical garden be effective in a place like Mumbai or Navi Mumbai?

A Vertical garden can of course be very effective in Mumbai area, just like it is all over India and all over the World. Mumbai climate is very suitable for a wide selection of plant species to use. For sure, If I create a Vertical Garden in Mumbai it’s biodiversity would be at a very high level!

3. Do you see any window of opportunity for application of your creative ideas in India?

Compare to other Asian countries, I created very few Vertical Garden in India (only at The French Embassy in New Delhi in 2003, But there is, of course, a lot of possibilities to create many innovative structures in such a wide country with many booming cities as India is.

I am now completing the eight façades of two 200 m high towers with Jean Nouvel in Kuala Lumpur ( where I install 243 different species of climbing plants. These are the highest vertical gardens in the world. In a totally different way, I have recently created an artistic 103 m long spiral in a shopping mall atrium in Bangkok, the Rainforest Chandelier ( All these kinds of projects and other new concepts can of course be created in India. And during my numerous visits in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Meghalaya, I have seen so many native species which could be successfully introduced on vertical gardens. There is a lot of fascinating work to do in India to introduce Nature inside the cities.

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