Increasing Responsibility towards Use of Crop Protection Products

In a recent event, DuPont – a company which is known for taking care of the food needs of the world, took up the cause of the responsible use of crop protection products.

Let’s understand crop protection in order to understand its need. What are the essential crop protection products? They are nothing but pesticides which is usually in the form of chemicals. Why are they required? They are required to protect the harvest from any predator that can destroy it, may it be pests or insects of any variety. It can also be weed. Why do we need any kind of awareness about pesticides? We need it because we can be at a loss despite using pesticides. These pesticides have the capability of becoming a part of our diet if not used properly or responsibly. The end result would mean harming the consumers in order to protect our harvest. We need safe and healthy crops.

This event was organized in more than 10 key states with 350 meetings in different geographies across India engaging more than 15000 farmers and 500 trade channel partners & key influencers.

The highlight of the event remained the participation of the farmers. Who more than farmers need to understand that their crops can be healthy only if crop protection products are used in the right way, and only in the correct proportions? Free sprayer service campaigns were organized across many locations. Talking about the need for such a program, Mr Ram Mudholkar, President, DuPont South Asia, said, “Crop losses in India due to pest attacks or fake pesticides is huge. The objective of the program was to educate farmers on the importance of following label recommendations to enable desired results.” He also said that “Products should not only protect crops, but should also be safe for applicators, for the eco-system and the end consumer. DuPont Crop Protection in India is committed to bring world-class products that help farmers prosper, contributing towards happy harvests.”

Food and Beverage industry and the companies functioning within it should pay attention to this cause since they are directly connected to it. They facilitate the reach of the products to the end consumers. They need to therefore ensure that the food products are not hazardous to health of the consumers. In the long run, this cause benefits all the stakeholders of the food industry and the consumers would prefer honesty and integrity.

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