Come 2017, make your health an asset

Make your health an asset. You need to. In the long run you won’t have much of a choice. If you are one of those people who believe in living life to the fullest, to experience the extreme highs and lows, to feel everything as much as you can and emerge more experienced if not victorious out of every situation then you need to primarily realize the value of your health. Know that every decision you make is a bet on yourself. Think of your body as an organization and the goal is to keep it not just functioning but prospering. A person who is unaware and unaffected by the state of his body will be eternally unaware of his surroundings and therefore incapable of making the best of the opportunities in his hand.
Lately we have seen a sudden surge in the popularity of health advice giving Youtubers, Bloggers and Instagramars. We have seen the increase in sports brands, specifically in apparels and accessories. Health focused technology gadgets are also available in the markets, and new innovative inventions are still on their way. Many new budget oriented brands are also being launched by personalities in India which are related to physical fitness. And why is that? It is because it has become unacceptable to people that maintaining a good health or staying in shape requires a lot of money and expensive amenities. People are going out of their way to make sure they are moving along with the health trends without spending a fortune on it. This realization is amazing but it is a slow and a highly delayed one. If you had just paid attention to the age old saying ‘health is wealth,’ you could have missed a couple of unhealthy, self-loathing years that you spent.


Let us not confuse health with being ‘thin’ or ‘fat.’ These coinages are nothing more than teenage torture tools. Good health is not a one dimensional concept. It is not about a poster picture although some won’t even mind making an extravagant expense for getting the poster picture. Good health depends on the muscle content of your body, a healthy fat percentage, the presence of essentials such as vitamins and minerals and last but not the least, your immunity. Apart from daily exercise and good food habits, good health primarily depends on a strong and sustainable mental health. More often than not you have to psyche yourself into believing that you are strong enough to overcome obstacles and become healthy once again. You need to be mentally strong enough to focus on the right directions and while you are at it, drag your body along. Yes, physical well being actually starts with mental well being. The war is half won when you are capable of identifying the weak areas and shortcomings of your lifestyle and then implement the changes in the most headstrong way possible. This is a mental process.

Conquer you mental and physical well-being; come 2017 – make your health an asset.

Author – Akriti Seth

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